Bespoke Pots


Finest Handmade GRP Planters In the Market

We take pride in our wide selection of planters, but we also understand that sometimes tailor-made specifications are necessary. We are proud to offer wholesale custom planters made from the same high-quality materials Desert Pottery Manufacturing is known for. As a landscape architect or wholesale distributor, you can count on us to deliver commercial-grade planters that meet the precise specifications of your project. The manufacturing techniques we use allow us to offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, and finishing options for custom planters-you can choose from any of them to get a beautiful and long-lasting piece that will complement your landscape or the landscape of your clients. The best part is that our team will work with you from the initial concept through the production process and delivery. The result is a successful project every time.

Why Choose Fiberglass Planters?


Fiberglass is significantly lighter than concrete. 1 or 2 people can easily move a fiberglass planter, while a concrete planter of a similar size might require multiple people or even additional machinery. This helps to reduce freight costs and make the placement process easier.


Our GRP planters are made to last. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, fiberglass plant containers are able to withstand adverse weather, foot traffic, UV rays and more while offering an attractive foundation to plant designs.


Fiberglass boats keep water out and fiberglass planters keep water in – there is no additional waterproofing needed for the interiors. We test all of our planters before they're shipped to ensure they are of the highest quality and above all watertight!

How are our bespoke GRP planters made?

Our design team will work with you to help pen down your vision keeping your requirements in mind.

A custom mold is made in the exact size, shape, and dimensions of the final design.

The mold is carefully lined with high-quality fiberglass sheets & polyester resin is then used over the mold.

Once the final coat is cured, the planter will then be taken to the finishing department where each product is meticulously sanded down by hand.

The highest quality primer & commercial-grade paints are used to create the texture & finish requested by you.

Quality checks are conducted at every stage and once approved the planter is delivered to your desired location.

Let’s work together?

Reach out to our team if you’re looking for bespoke world-class quality planters for your next project.